Are you an independent insurance agent who’s always supporting their prospective customers, and long term clients? If you’re putting in additional time to help your clients find the best insurance policy, it’s important that you’re aptly rewarded for your hard work.

At Savers Marketing, our goal is to offer our agents the support they need, and the rewards they deserve. That’s why we offer highly competitive life insurance commissions and health insurance commissions for our agents. Whether you sell life insurance or health insurance, at Savers we believe your success should be compensated.

Get Compensated for Your Hard Work

Savers Marketing knows that every agent deserves significant compensation for the services they perform on behalf of their clients. That’s why our team offers competitive commissions levels on all products. The insurance industry can be complex enough. With Savers by your side, we can simplify how you earn and receive commissions, so you can get back to what matters most.

Introducing Forma: Your New Commission Reporting System

Are you ready to simplify the way you track your commissions? Well, you don’t have to wait any longer. Forma is the commissions’ platform you’ve been waiting for! This new system is designed to help you track any commissions paid directly by Savers Marketing. It gives you additional functionality, monitoring, and makes it much easier to review and analyze your commission data. Now, you can track your commission’s history at Savers, so you can match and surpass your personal goals. With our Forma reporting system by your side, you’ll never approach commissions the same way again.

With Forma, you will be able to:

  • See all monthly & historical commission details in one location (beginning with June 2020)
  • Filter/Search information based on Carrier, Product Details, Effective Dates, Customer Name, and more.
  • Have the ability to download commission details into a Spreadsheet
  • Review month-to-month comparisons in dollars and also in a graphical format
    • Gives you the ability to review previous earnings, and make new personal commissions goals for yourself
  • Submit commission inquiry requests and be able to track the status of the research/resolution.
    • Our team will respond to your inquiries in a timely manner

Are you ready to access your Forma account? To get started, simply login to Forma at

If you receive commissions paid directly by Savers Marketing and have not received access to Forma, please contact us so we can give you complete access.

Whether you sell life insurance products like long term life insurance, or basic healthcare packages like vision and dental, our commission reporting system is here to help you monitor your personal success.

Need to Report a Commission Issue on a Policy?

If you are contracted with Savers Marketing and have a commission issue, our job is to ensure it is resolved with the carrier so you can be compensated accordingly. If you have an issue with a commission payment made through Forma (commissions paid by Savers Marketing), please use the commission inquiry process within Forma.

To submit a commission inquiry for commissions paid directly by a carrier:

  1. Complete the form below and ‘Submit’ the information.
  2. The data will be reviewed and sent to the carrier and you will be kept in the loop throughout the process as the issue is researched.