E-App Instructions

We encourage applications to be submitted via e-application whenever possible. E-applications speed up the enrollment process and help to prevent errors and missing information on applications. Almost all carriers now have an e-app process and they are increasingly easy to use. Select the buttons below to view our E-App capable carriers and their instructions for Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Prescription Drug Plans e-app submissions.

Medicare Advantage & Prescription Drug Plans

For Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Plans and some Medicare Supplement plans, MedicareCENTER provides a convenient and simple platform to quote different plans, obtain a Scope of Appointment, submit business securely and maintain a list of clients and prospective clients. Using MedicareCENTER also means that you don’t need to learn the different e-app processes of the multiple Medicare Advantage and PDP carriers that you may represent. The carriers listed below can all be found on MedicareCENTER.

For detailed information on MedicareCENTER and how to use it to submit business, click the button below to be redirected to our MedicareCENTER page.

Medicare Advantage & Prescription Drug Plans (not on MedicareCENTER)

For Medicare Advantage and PDP plans, not available on MedicareCENTER, click on the logo below for instructions on the respective e-application process.

Medicare Supplement Plans

For Medicare Supplement plans, click on the logo below for instructions on the respective e-application process.

Individual Health Insurance Carrier Blue Cross South Carolina


Central States Heath & Life Co. of Omaha


Individual Health Insurance Carrier Cigna


Individual Health Insurance Carrier Humana