Football legend and Integrity Marketing Group Chairman Steve Young knows a winner when he sees one. It’s no wonder he’s excited about how our new MedicareCENTER system can help Agents during AEP!

Explore the Benefits of MedicareCENTER

If you’re an agent who’s looking to expand and improve their current Medicare Tools, we have the perfect solution: Savers Marketing MedicareCENTER. The Savers Marketing team is committed to our agents by providing industry-leading tools that increase overall sales and customer satisfaction.

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What is MedicareCENTER?

MedicareCENTER is an online tool that gives your clients the ability to review, compare, and sign off on the Medicare Plan of their choice. They’ll be able to find a specific Medicare/Medicaid plan that fits their needs on our MedicareCENTER platform, while you review and save all the necessary documentation for your files. 

The best part? With MedicareCENTER, your clients can sign up for open enrollment over the phone, and simply sign their application via text message. The flexibility of Medicare Center gives your clients the ability to choose what they want, without handling any of the paperwork. Instead, you’ll be able to store all the data you need directly on our MedicareCENTER portal. If you’re a local independent insurance agent who is looking for more efficient ways to serve your customers, it’s time to take a closer look at MedicareCENTER.

MedicareCENTER: A Multi-Carrier Online Enrollment Tool

Our multi-carrier online enrollment tool is optimal for agents who need to review Medicare Services and see which carriers are available. With MedicareCENTER, you can restore the simplicity of open enrollment, while better serving your clients.

  • Our software can send electronic comparisons to clients quickly and compliantly.
  • We’re able to cross-compare plans among multiple carriers – saving you time and resources.
  • All agents will have access to important Plan Documents, as well as Doctor and Rx lookups, all in one place.
  • You can use our built-in CRM tool to track any new or existing clients.

This software will change the way you view (and work) the healthcare profession.

Discover the Benefits of MedicareCENTER

One of the best parts of our MedicareCENTER is how cost-effective it is for agents and customers. All Savers Marketing Agents can access our MedicareCENTER tool at no additional charge. As an agent, you’ll be able to review information and send specific health insurance carrier details to your clients, absolutely free. Additional MedicareCENTER benefits include:

  • Saving time and increasing sales
    • You’ll be able to enroll a client in 20-30 minutes in person, or remotely
  • The ability to store your electronic scope internally in our system
    • You won’t have to worry about the hassle of paper scopes with electronic enrollment
  • Access to a broker specific website that can securely store your personalized contact information
  • The ability to directly link to your website in your email signature or marketing materials
  • Automatically receive a commission on your behalf for any enrollments completed through your website

Let's get you logged in.

Go to…
You must first register to use MedicareCENTER. Click on the link at the bottom of the home page to create an account. (See picture below)
USERNAME: Your National Producer Number (NPN)
PASSWORD: You will prompted to create your own password when you first register to use MedicareCENTER.

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