Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan Update & New Sales Potential

Approximately 6,000 North Carolina residents are currently insured under the federal “Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP)” that has been administered by NC Inclusive Health.  On July 1st the federal government will become the new administrator of the plan, and the benefits and costs are changing.  Letters have been mailed to those insured individuals to detail those changes which has prompted inquiries to some agents.  
While there are likely not any other Major Medical insurance products that would be a good fit for these individuals in 2013, there will be numerous options with Health Care Reform in 2014.  This federal program, and NC Inclusive Health, will be ending on December 31st, 2013.  All of these customers will need assistance during the open enrollment period beginning in October for enrollment in January 2014!  
If you sell Major Medical health insurance then let these customers know you can help them this fall.  If you do not sell Major Medical, but would like to assist them and make commissions on their policy, then the Savers Marketing Referral Program is an excellent resource.
For more information on the new federal program, you can visit:
NOTE: There are no changes on July 1st for individuals with “Inclusive Health – State Pool” coverage.