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Not all healthcare providers act with purpose and intent on behalf of their customers, but as a company, CVS Health’s priority is to help their customers receive well-rounded medical care. CVS Health wants healthcare to be simple to access, highly affordable and catered to their customers. As innovators of health, CVS Health Insurance guarantees their clients will have access to the best healthcare plan, life insurance policy, and Medicare coverage possible. CVS Health’s benefits come with minimal costs to your clients, so they can always count on CVS Health.

If your clients need additional healthcare coverage and benefits that Medicare can’t provide, we have the solution they’ve been waiting for. Now you can offer your clients a Medicare Supplement plan that carries a name they already know and trust – CVS Health®.

Accendo Insurance Company offers your clients this new plan, which is part of the CVS Health family of companies and an Aetna affiliate, with some real advantages – including a 14% household discount* in most states. Agents that are already contracted with Aetna will already be able to sell the Accendo Insurance Medicare Supplement plan (ACC).

If your clients are ready to discover the benefits of CVS Health Medicare Supplement and Final Expense plans, there’s plenty more in store below.

Why CVS Health Medicare Supplement?

CVS Health Medicare Supplement is designed to cover your clients’ needs by offering various plans that have their medical interests at heart. Medicare is there to provide seniors with the medical support they need; however, it doesn’t always cover every expense. In those moments of need, the Medical Supplement Plan through CVS Health is there to support your clients in every way possible.

CVS’s Medicare Supplement plan, through Aetna Medical, offers real medical solutions and coverage that enhances everyday lives. Your clients will still be able to visit their local doctors and pharmacists, so nothing changes in their daily life. The benefits of the CVS Health Medicare Supplement include:

  • Attractive Commissions and Incentives
  • Simple, Streamlined Contracting
  • 14% Household Discounts*
  • Offered by an Aetna affiliate

Currently, the Aetna affiliate plans through CVS Health provide the following plans, including:

  • Aetna Medicare Supplement
    • Medicare Supplement provides some coverage for healthcare costs that original Medicare (Part A and B) cannot cover.
  • Aetna Medicare Advantage
    • Medicare Advantage combines the reliable coverage of Medicare Parts A, B, and D into a straightforward plan and other services such as vision and dental (Part C).
  • Aetna Prescription Drug Plans
    • Prescription drug plans cover the expense of medications such as prescription drugs and vaccines. Clients can also pick their level of coverage based on their prescription drug needs.

CVS Health’s Medicare Supplement seeks to provide the resources, and support clients need to have well rounded medical care and support.

CVS Health Final Expense

Final expenses such as health care, hospice care, and accidental death shouldn’t fall on the shoulders of your client’s loved ones once they’re gone. Fortunately, now you can give your clients peace of mind from a name they know and rely on every day: CVS Health. Their Individual Whole Life Insurance policy is also underwritten by Accendo Insurance Company, part of the CVS Health® family of companies, and an Aetna affiliate. These plans provide whole life coverage at affordable premiums, so your clients and their loved ones get what they need regardless of life circumstances. Their families can pay for funeral expenses, medical costs, and other medical payments can be made with CVS Health Final Expense whole life insurance.

The best part of CVS’s Final Expense life insurance? There’s no medical exam requirement from your clients, and their low premiums won’t go up over time. Clients get flexible, highly competitive rates that meet their needs, exactly when they need them.

Why CVS Health Final Expense?

  • Similar to Med Supp, eligibility is determined by the answers to a few simple medical questions.
  • An available super preferred rate*** that’S 10% lower than the preferred rate.
  • Flexible coverage amounts with a low minimum policy requirement.
  • Competative premium rates
  • Easy quoting and eApp process
  • Strong commission over and above your Med Supp incentives

As an insurance agent, you will be able to sell to anyone between 40-89 years of age, and offers two different plan options – level and modified plan.


CVS Health Final Expense offers three different benefit plans with varying degrees of coverage, including:

  • Standard
  • Preferred
  • Super Preferred

CVS Health Final Expense coverage extends add-ons to the policy, which means your clients can add others, known as riders, to their coverage. The rider benefits include:

  • Accelerated Death Rider
    • Gives the rider access to up to 50% of expense coverage if the client is diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • Children’s Term Rider
    • Offers final expense coverage to children and grandchildren and can be converted to lifetime coverage at five times the face amount.
  • Accidental Death Benefits Rider
    • It pays 100% of the face value if the life is cut short.

CVS Health’s coverage makes it easy for consumers to get the coverage they need without additional charges or excessive expenses.

If you’re ready to sell reliable healthcare plans and coverage to your clients, contact Savers Marketing about getting contracted today.

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