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Medicare, Well Spent

Just because you’re living a healthy, active lifestyle now doesn’t mean you can’t plan for future costs. A Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA) from Lasso Healthcare allows you to make the most of your health insurance.

Do MSA plans cover Part D Prescriptions?

No, you will be able to help your customer enroll into a PDP that specifically meets their needs!

What happens to the money in my account if I leave the plan before the end of the year?

No more money will be added to your account. You’ll need to pay part of the most recent yearly deposit (based on the number of months left in the current calendar year) back to Medicare.

If I die, will my spouse be able to use the money in my account?

Any funds in your account that were deposited before the current calendar year are part of your estate. Part of the most recent deposit (based on the number of months left in the current calendar year) will have to be paid back to Medicare.

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