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An innovative health plan for your under 65 clients!

Sidecar Health puts members in the driver’s seat for their health care. Through their app, members shop around for care knowing their coverage and benefit amounts, as well as prices charged by local healthcare providers. Members can see any doctor and pay at the time of care with the Sidecar Health Visa card, which pulls money directly from the claims account. The average premium to date is $241, which is roughly half the cost of traditional insurance.

Sidecar Health’s approach saves members money and eliminates surprise bills. Because they remove the administrative overhead associated with big insurance, providers get paid right away and don’t need to process claims, while members save compared to traditional plans. Sidecar Health covers more than 170,000 medical services and prescription drugs. Plans can be customized to fit any need and budget.

• Anyone under 65 can enroll in Sidecar Health as long as they have an individual tax ID (ITIN) or Social Security number
• Coverage is active in as soon as 14 days
• The enrollment process is entirely digital and paperless and takes just a few minutes
• Competitive payouts (first year and ongoing) for every referral with periodic bonus programs for distribution partners

Sidecar Health Offers These Products:


With Savers, You Get Everything You Need To Be Successful!



  • Maximize your sales potential with access to our ample lead opportunities.
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  • Get face-to-face training, access to online resources, and our constant support.
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Quoting Tools

  • Ensure you offer your customers the best price with our quote engines, and ACA enrollment software.
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  • Be rewarded for your sales effort with our competitive and advanced commissions.
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