Standard Life and Casualty - Term Life

Savers Marketing is excited to announce our new Savers Legacy Convertible Term Life Insurance plan designed for seniors.  After several months of research and product design with Standard Life and Casualty, we are launching what we feel is one of America’s most unique life insurance products.

  • Final expense underwriting on a term life chassis
  • Issue ages 45 to 75
  • No minimum face amount but whatever $15 per month buys
  • Maximum face amount $100,000 ages 45 to 69; $50,000 ages 70-75
  • No medical exam
  • Telephone verification call completed at time of application
  • Premiums increase at each 5 year renewal
  • Whole life conversion option at age 80, see policy for details
  • Terminal Illness benefit
  • 24 hour underwriting decision on clean apps
  • Simplified application with yes/no health questions
  • Liberal height & weight requirements
  • Approved in 17 states
  • Daily commissions with up to 9 month advances
  • Marketing level contracts available under certain conditions

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Standard Life and Casualty - Term Life
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