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By Matt Francis

Below is a good summary of information regarding the upcoming Open Enrollment Season for ACA plans*:

By Matt Francis

Final Regulations Issued for Individual Market Stabilization

On April 13, 2017, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued final regulations to help stabilize the individual markets. They intend to help stabilize the Health Insurance Marketplace, provide more flexibility to states and insurers, and give individual health plan consumers more coverage options.

These final rules make the following policy changes:

By Matt Francis

There are a few reasons why most insurance carriers have decided to not pay commissions for Major Medical SEP business, but one that keeps coming up is the poor performance of those policies.  The claim history for those customers has been significantly higher than the customers who enroll during Open Enrollment.  CLICK HERE for one article that discusses why that may be the case.

By Matt Francis

The 2016 ACA Certification has finally been posted and is available for Agents to get certified.  It can be accessed at:

Also, please CLICK HERE for some helpful hints that we have put together.  If you have any questions or issues please let us know!

By Matt Francis

If you have customers who have enrolled into a Bronze Level ACA plan because the cost of a Silver/Gold/Platinum plan was too expensive, then you should consider supplementing their coverage with a GAP plan.  We offer a product that is very easy to use and allows customers to tailor the benefits to their specific needs.  For more information CLICK HERE, or contact Matt Francis (800-642-0483 ext. 104).

By Matt Francis

CoventryOne Support for the 2015 Individual Renewal Process:

Per the CoventryOne Producer News 7/23/2014, the following information has been released:

The 2015 open enrollment period is coming. We know you and your clients will have a lot of questions about how the Individual renewal process will work.

Our goal is to work with you to ensure your renewing clients transition smoothly through this year’s open enrollment period. We’re committed to making sure you have the tools and resources you need to support your clients.

By Matt Francis

Last year was a nightmare trying to get certified to sell Major Medical plans on the healthcare exchange.  This year it seems to be running much better and there are materials to assist agents complete the requirements.  


Also, if you are interested in getting contracted with a Major Med carrier please let us know!

By Matt Francis

BCBS of North Carolina has released some high level data regarding the enrollment figures for their first Obamacare Open Enrollment.  Hopefully the costs associated with the new customer base does not far exceed the premiums, as it seems could be possible by the estimated versus actual enrollment statistics.  Click here to see how the age and health of the first wave of enrollees turned out.  


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